5 Best Online Stores for Eco-friendly Bedding

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We spend almost a third of our life in our Beds so we think that eco-friendly bedding is definitely something worth investing in. I believe that having a toxic free environment in a place we spend so much time in is a step towards greater health and peace of mind.

We are exposed to toxins every single day and our body is great at removing them from our system but as we get older and our metabolism slows down this becomes harder. The best we can do is lessen our exposure and give our bodies the opportunity to heal, especially while we sleep when we regenerate the most. From great organic mattresses to eco-friendly duvets, pillows and blankets here is a wonderful selection of online stores for eco-friendly bedding options.

Feel good about where you sleep and how you are helping the planet heal from the toxicity we have already left behind. I do hope you will consider making a more sustainable choice next time you invest in a bed, pillows or sheets for your home. I promise you will not regret it.


Cariloha looks at bamboo as something we can all live with. Everyone who sleeps in, bathes with or wears Cariloha’s sustainable bamboo products is intrinsically giving back to a more eco-friendly world.

Here you can find all things bamboo. From mattresses to bed frames. To cozy bamboo pyjamas. This is definitely your one stop sleep shop if you love Bamboo. All items are really reasonably priced and the fabrics are softer than Egyptian cotton. I have been a fan of this fabric for my bedroom for many years, I especially like their weighted blanket. As the company themselves put it ¨A Comfy Way to Save the World¨ If you have been thinking about trying Bamboo this is your place and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Ultimate Green Store

Beautiful eco-friendly bedding
Create a non-toxic and stylish sleep environment with beautiful natural organic bedding grown
without pesticides and free of harmful flame retardants. – The Ultimate Green Store

Wether you are looking for a mattress or beautiful percale sheets, here you can find a beautiful selection. Beautiful pastel colors to make your bed as dreamy as ever. We really like the wool throws and have personally experienced a great level of customer service with this brand. They also carry a great selection of Naturpedic mattresses. This is another great place to fulfil your eco-friendly bedding needs.

White Lotus Home

Save the earth while you sleep – White Lotus Home

White Lotus has mattresses and toppers in every price range. You can even kapok pillows for under $50. A really great selection of kids bedding as well. And a vast array of duvet covers, in multiple colors. I don’t know about you but whenever we have guests and the blow up bed gets pulled out I always cringe at the thought, I have never had a good nights sleep in one of those.

At white lotus you can find several stowaway guest bed that seem so comfortable and I definitely would feel far more comfortable having a guest sleep on, an all natural floor bed, free of toxins and nice and firm. I am investing in one of these as soon as we can have guests again.

Made Trade

We call it being “ethically elevated.” It means we put artistry above efficiency. Fair wages above profits. Sustainability above mass production. – Made Trade

Peace of mind comes from a good nights sleep and a cozy bedroom environment. If you are looking to Zen out your bedroom and give yourself a feeling of luxury at fair prices this is your store. Evrything from eco-friendly bedding, to beautiful throws, to hampers to last minute accents to give your bedroom that extra loving touch. I really love their selection and as they saying goes ¨You made your bed then sleep in it.¨ Well you can feel really good about making this bed and sleeping in it.

Eco Terra

Better Sleep, Inspired by Nature – Eco Terra

This is by far the most affordable eco-friendly bed we have come across on the market. It is made from natural talalay latex, organic wool & cotton. This brand is transparent about the whole process and have been able to keep their prices super low. I also like this brand because this is the only thing Eco Terra sells on their very minimalistic website. I think we are going to give this mattress a try and further our reviews on it for you!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share. We hope you have come closer to find the eco-friendly bedding that is right for you!

Sustainably yours,

Eco Couple

Awesome Eco-Friendly Acupressure Mat by Spoonk

Accupresse Mat by Spoonk

Years ago…I met someone that changed my life… he worked with Marma Therapy and an accupressure mat, I had just had a horrible accident and was having difficulty healing my torn hamstring. I was explained that I needed to get the blood flowing in that area….and voila.. I was introduced to my first acupressure mat. I used it to put pressure on the area and get the circulation moving. I then discovered how wonderful I felt by simply walking on it every morning for a few minutes. I remember distinctly breaking out in a a sweat the first time I walked for about three minutes…I felt activated and alive my injury healed very soon after.

Years later on my trip to Maui, we had rented a house from a friend of ours, she had the Spoonk mat, I remembered my old mat that I eventually lost on my travels. When looking into the company I found that this was the new and improved version….made from hemp and ABS plastic….

Photo from Spoonkspace

this was right up my alley. I had to contact with the company right away. Well what can I say…we hit it off!!! Not only do they have mat in all sizes….they also carry A magnetic roller that just feels amazing when you roll it down your back! Use it before yoga or before throwing on a pair of heels!

Acupressure mat
Picture from SpoonkSpace
I have recently started using it also for better sleep by lying on it before going to bed...which is imperative at this point of my life...being a new mother and all. What I most love is what I mentioned earlier...to lightly tread on the Mat first thing in the morning. I can feel it activating every part of me.  When you first start out you may want to wear light socks. 

Update: I have been using the mat for over a year now, and honestly I love it so much, even if I feel a headache coming on, I roll it up and place it under my neck, and the headache just goes away! I truly recommend this product!

Get yours here SPOONKSPACE and use code ECOCOUPLE for a discount …….. and they ship WORLDWIDE!

Eco Couple uses affiliate links. If you make a purchase using a link we may receive a commission. Such revenue helps keep this website running, helps us pay our growing core team and allows us to keep the content free for readers and keeps us on our mission to inspire conscious consumerism.