YOGA with Iñaki

Hello, my name is Iñaki. I was born in Madrid, Spain. Soon after my parents started windsurfing, I discovered my passion, but I lived far from the ocean. I decided to stay focused on my career and went to university, graduated and started working as a Stock Broker in London and Madrid. Christmas 2003 my mum gifted me a monthly pass to a yoga studio. “Yoga? I asked, THAT is not for me!!” And I basically threw the gift voucher away. But of course, not to make my mum feel sad, I attended my first Yoga class; It changed my entire life. The teacher was a young man, the class was intense and amazing, and in the relaxation, I remember when he said: “Cover yourself with a blanket, and If you don´t have one nearby, I will cover you”, I didn´t. That simple gesture of a man covering me with a blanket, the way mums cover their babies, gently, with love. That opened my heart.

Once yoga came into my life, I started questioning what I was doing with my life; I used to see clients making financial profits, and others taking losses, and there I was making a fee for those transactions. I wanted to do something REAL, tangible. “I want to be able to make things with my hands, build a chair or something!”. By the fall of 2003 I quit my job and traveled around the world. Traveling taught me about human beings; values and ethics. Yoga continued being a central part of my life, and as I was growing with it and it with me magical things were happening. I decided to take a teacher training course; I needed to study why the things were happening that I was experiencing, I needed to read about it in books with scientific rigorous explanations!!

And then it happened, the opportunity to move by the ocean showed up and I grabbed it, confident that things were going to be OK. As soon as I arrived to Tarifa (Windsurfing Meca) I started teaching Yoga at the local Fibromialgia and Cancer associations; I never really though about being a teacher myself, it simply happened. Life goes on and after 10 years in Tarifa, I moved to Maui Hawaii, the next level in windsurfing, the top level. This is how lucky I am, I wonder if Yoga has something to do with all this.

I was trained in Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan, and I have been open to all types of Yoga, so here there is a taste of all the knowledge that I have acquired over the las 18 years. I hope you find it useful.

The 5 Tibetans

This is my favorite routine, I practice it every day. Why? It is quick, and you move every single muscle of your body. It helps me to warm up the physical body before going into my day and or my sport; It prepares me for meditation, it brings me to the HERE and NOW. It helps me to go to the bathroom. It makes me feel satisfied with myself, I think “At least I have done the 5 tibetans, that is something positive for myself”. I am disciplined and try to do it every day, but If one day I fail I am ok, I have learned to accept.

Stretching for everybody

This easy sequence was incorporated into my weekly routine as I discovered that a large number of people are reluctant to practice Yoga, but they certainly appreciated some stretching directions. It was amazing the reaction when I opened this class for the first time. There were some 16 windsurfers coming every Monday evening. Exigent sports really require you to look after your body at least every now and then. We split the class in upper body and lower body, so you can do half of it if you have no time and still need to stretch specific parts. Make the most of it, keep your favorite postures in your pocket, and share those with your buddies! Stretching prepares you for Meditation too. You will be able to re connect with your inner peace after this class.

First Chakra

This and the next 6 videos are specific work to clean, tonify, activate your energy centres or Chakras. Muladhara is located at the base of the spine. Therefore it is the closest spot to the ground when you are sitting and so we are going to receive the energy from the ground, and we are going to ground ourselves. When you are very agitated, excited, stressed, start here.

Second Chakra

Svadisthana is located by the genitals area, and will directly affect basic instincts like reproduction and all the water elements in your body. And remember, we are something like 80% water are’nt we. So I pay special attention to this set. It will work on your kidneys, bladder and where fluids pass through in general. Lower back pain? Try this class.

Third Chakra

Manipura is located between the base of the sternum and the navel and it is related to your personal power, your self motivation and ability to make decisions. When you find yourself a bit weak in general, maybe you want to practice this set. Remember that a practice once a week is 100% more than nothing, but if you want to experience chance you want to be discipline and try two-three times a week. Just try and see the difference.

Fourth Chakra

If there is one energy centre that you want to work on this is Anahata. I remember when taking the teacher’s training that recent theories would Organise the energy centres not as a straight line but like a triangle where the 4th Chakra would be on top of the rest. If there is something we want to achieve in life, is the capacity to love: to love ourselves first, and then to love others, desire better for others. This energy centre is located around your chest area, and so it affects directly not only the heart and timo gland, but also your lungs. If lungs is your week spot, this is your set!!

Fifth Chakra

Visuddha is the energy centre related to your throat and therefore with your communication. If you have issues expressing yourself and in parallel your thyroid gland is out of shape, this is a class you can grab and use. Remember, Yoga is a tool, to help you.

Sixth Chakra

Also called the third eye, Ajna is located in the forehead and when developed it will help with your intuition; that 6th sense that tells you where to go or what to do when you don´t know. You surrender to God and trust. That is when magical things happen.

Seventh Chakra

Sashara is located at the top of the head, and it is associated with thought, information, bliss. It includes the pineal gland, cerebral cortex and meridian plexus. It´s functions are understanding and knowing. The upper energy centres will affect the pineal and pituitary gland This is now being corroborated by western medicine. So finally the science understands what Yoga and Meditation does. Is this not amazing?

All Seven All Day

Here is a compilation of the main postures for each energy centre for you to try. Once you are tuned in this is a great routine to keep yourself tuned.


Lower Centres and Sexuality

Inspired by the frequent questions from students and people in general, “does yoga help with sexuality?” I liked to prepare this class with a number of postures that help to prevent premature ejaculation among other issues. Relax and let your body heal, don´t stress and try to keep your lower intestines as empty as possible. With more space for the sexual organs to work, your lower centres will be more comfortable and everything will flow.

Yoga Against Illness

Yoga says that if your metabolism works fine, you don´t get sick. In this new video we propose a set to tonify your metabolism, tune the process of absorption of nutrients and elimination of leftovers. In these weird times we are experiencing, protect yourself from external agents using Yoga, a tool that is available for everyone, and it is free, you just have to commit with yourself. Do I want to be/feel good?

Release Fear

One of the things that Yoga can help with, is trust in yourself, self confidence. Look at the population in India, or in Africa. They don´t even have enough to eat and still, they have the most beautiful smiles, why? They TRUST. They don´t know what is having EXTRA, and they don´t need it. Extra in our bank account, extra in our fridge..bring us a false idea; when all of a sudden we loose control, then fear takes over and we panic, we don´t trust in ourselves anymore. If this resonates, try this set. Also if you feel that there are traumas from the past stuck in yourself, try this kriya; it has been specially designed to dissolve the chemicals and memory that past traumas have left in your body and soul. And please, laugh!!