Health Tip: Beating Jet lag

I am back in LA, where replenishing my body after a flight is the thing I am most excited about. My trick for beating jet lag has been pretty successful for me so I thought I’d pass it along.
I try to stay hydrated, so drinking coconut water before and after flying is always amazing. But the key is I always take Cell Food drops on board with me or as of late my new favorite product ChlorOxygen. I basically feed by deoxygenated body oxygen as I travel across the skies.

Taking both you are good to go 🙂

Safe Travels xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Health Tip: Beating Jet lag

  1. İt works, I try with Cell Food and Coconut Water. I Don’t like too much taste of raw coconut water so I mixed with some pineapple & mango & coconut juice so it was great cocktail with cell food.:) even I was sleeping in the plane without Melatonin.
    still using Cell Food, it really makes more freshness 🙂 Thanks Sanny. Loves from Istanbul.

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