The breakthrough of DNA testing

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Honestly I cannot share enough how excited I am about doing my own DNA test – I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but at this point I have been to cardiologists, psychologist, naturopaths, functional doctors, dark field microscope specialists and even an intuitive healing medium.

Longhaul Covid took me for a loop to say the least, through trial and error I have found amazing companies that have supported me along the journey! To be honest though most of all of the things that helped me I found myself through trail and error and some of my own logic.

That being said through one of many health summits I attended over the last two years I came across one company, The DNA company, that stopped me in my tracks! I heard the CEO speak about your genetic disposition and what you could do to support your body by knowing your DNA – and something lit up inside of me and all of a sudden I could not fathom how nobody had pointed me in that direction before!

I ordered the test immediately, after lying awake in bed for a few nights I was so eager about all the possibilities that I had to reach out to the company and share my story with them. Kashif (the CEO) got right back to me and we talked a very long time about chronic illness, genetics and an array of subjects that have moved to the forefront of my current interests.

In my opinion we should be born with these results in hand! We could avoid thousands of dollars on supplementation, practitioners and even potential major health issues down the line.

Although I’m not ecstatic about my results, I came to find out I’m missing a very specific gene GSTT-1 that is responsible for my phase 2 liver detoxification. It also is the main gene that deals with mold toxicity. Amongst another few things that I am genetically inclined towards. I obviously do not need to share all the details…I have to admit between the dark field microscope and other practitioners we were leaning towards a direction of what was going on in my body.

But now I actually KNOW what I have to do to support my bodies deficiencies and heal from what has been the longest nightmare of my life!

As mad as it all sounds, had I not gone through all of this I never would have met the incredible people I am crossing paths with! I hope to have people like Kashif on my team and as a friend for years to come. I am humbled and honored by the incredible things I am learning about the human body and hope that by sharing my findings I can maybe save somebody else the time and effort it has taken me to come this far!

I have a discount code for you of $50 which I’m so happy to share: ecocouple

I would love it if you shared your story with me about your own DNA results.

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Detox Resources when dealing with Long Haul symptoms

*I do make a small percentage of the sale of these items but there is no cost to you, actually YOU get a discount! I only promote these product because I 100% believe in them and have used them myself for my own healing journey

*I do make a small percentage of the sales on these products but there is no cost to you, actually you get a discount! I only promote these products because I 100% believe in them and use them myself for my own healing journey

As quite a few of you know my COVID journey has been a very long one. I contracted this malicious virus in March of 2020 and have been on a path to recovery ever since. I wrote an article about things I was using to feel better a few months ago and I still stand by them ¨Healing Long Hauler Symptoms at home¨ I do want to simplify and share a list of detox resources and brands that have truly helped me on this journey that I also feel could benefit some of the vaxed injured. Again by no means am I a Dr and anything you implement into your protocol should be run by your own health professionals. If any of these products resonate with you I recommend you look into them further. All of these products support opening the drainage pathways and that way support most people dealing with chronic health issues.

My symptoms were, tachycardia, rashes, cold sweats, memory loss, swollen lymph nodes, an ongoing throat ache for more than a year, and a general feeling of constant malaise. I also gained over 30lbs/14kgs even though none of my diet changed other than eating even healthier that I already was. I woke up numerous times a night and had nightmares for months. I was tested for cancers, saw psychiatrists when to naturopaths with very slow progress if any at all.

Update: I am finally feeling better, I would say not fully recovered but well enough to enjoy my family and do my daily chores with out feeling completely depleted.

So I wanted to share these resources with you that I feel have played a pivotal role in my recovery.

1- Microbe Formulas

Photograph by Microbe Formulas

This brand has a foundational protocol that is made simple. I felt I needed to get whatever it was out of my system and this is what i used to do just that. It has been a huge support for me on this journey. If you would like to try out any of their products feel free to use my discount code: ecocouple

Photograph by Microbe Formulas

2- Therasage Infrared

At first I tried paying to use a sauna at different spas which made it far too pricey and I was spending way too much energy on trying to get my 3 sessions in a week. When I discovered the Therasage Portable Sauna I was so happy. I have literally used it 6 days a week along with the biotox binders from Microbe formulas and this was such a relief for me. They also make an incredible Ozone bubbler that I have used for drinking ozone water and cleaning my fruits and veggies and even ozonated baths. You can also use my discount code: ecocouple (until nov 29th use 20% off code : ecocouple20)

3- Promolife and Puro3 Ozone

As crazy as this may sound to some. After discovering Ozone therapy and its benefits for me I bought my own ozone machine and treated myself a few days a week under guidance of my naturopath. You can read more about this in my aforementioned article. I also become an avid fan of their suppositories on days that I was traveling or setting myself up for ozone just did not fit into my schedule. I even fell in love with their ozone face oil– hey every girl needs a little pampering from time to time. Again feel free to use my discount code: ecocouple

Compliments od Puro3

4- Live Pristine

This brand has so many wonderful health products to choose from and I truly love the support I have been given by these goodies. One of my absolute favorite recommendations here is their magnesium supplement. You can use code : ecocouple for your discount.

5- Asea

Asea Redox Signalling Supplement – this for me was the last find and probably one of the most important in the stage I was in. The more I delve into redox signaling technology the more I understand how it supports every cell in our body and therefore aids our bodies to do what it does best: heal itself!

This product has really been helping my heart heal- the heart heals very slowly but it does have a way of healing with the right support. I was slightly skeptical at first as I had already heard about this brand from a health influencer. It was not until I went to see a Dr, in the south of Spain, that looking at my blood through a dark field microscope, prescribed it to me. that I finally took the leap of faith. I have never been a fan of direct sales companies but I needed to purchase this product and I knew I would be taking a lot of it. So I signed up as an associate. I have slept through the night and am feeling better by the day. I am so excited for those that discover this incredible supplement! For more info feel free to click on the above link or order directly here.

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