The breakthrough of DNA testing

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Honestly I cannot share enough how excited I am about doing my own DNA test – I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but at this point I have been to cardiologists, psychologist, naturopaths, functional doctors, dark field microscope specialists and even an intuitive healing medium.

Longhaul Covid took me for a loop to say the least, through trial and error I have found amazing companies that have supported me along the journey! To be honest though most of all of the things that helped me I found myself through trail and error and some of my own logic.

That being said through one of many health summits I attended over the last two years I came across one company, The DNA company, that stopped me in my tracks! I heard the CEO speak about your genetic disposition and what you could do to support your body by knowing your DNA – and something lit up inside of me and all of a sudden I could not fathom how nobody had pointed me in that direction before!

I ordered the test immediately, after lying awake in bed for a few nights I was so eager about all the possibilities that I had to reach out to the company and share my story with them. Kashif (the CEO) got right back to me and we talked a very long time about chronic illness, genetics and an array of subjects that have moved to the forefront of my current interests.

In my opinion we should be born with these results in hand! We could avoid thousands of dollars on supplementation, practitioners and even potential major health issues down the line.

Although I’m not ecstatic about my results, I came to find out I’m missing a very specific gene GSTT-1 that is responsible for my phase 2 liver detoxification. It also is the main gene that deals with mold toxicity. Amongst another few things that I am genetically inclined towards. I obviously do not need to share all the details…I have to admit between the dark field microscope and other practitioners we were leaning towards a direction of what was going on in my body.

But now I actually KNOW what I have to do to support my bodies deficiencies and heal from what has been the longest nightmare of my life!

As mad as it all sounds, had I not gone through all of this I never would have met the incredible people I am crossing paths with! I hope to have people like Kashif on my team and as a friend for years to come. I am humbled and honored by the incredible things I am learning about the human body and hope that by sharing my findings I can maybe save somebody else the time and effort it has taken me to come this far!

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I would love it if you shared your story with me about your own DNA results.

In healing together,



Asea Redox Cell Signaling Molecules

Eco Couple promotes products we have tried ourselves and truly believe in. If you make a purchase using a link we may receive a commission. Such revenue helps keep this website running and allows us to keep the content free for our readers. Asea is not intended to serve as a medical claim or to diagnose, treat or cure any condition.

What are Redox Signaling molecules?

Redox signaling molecules are the communication centres in your cells. These molecules are responsible for sending messages that help restore, rejuvenate, replenish and protect your cells.

Learn why the molecules replenish, recover and renew your cells.

Basically Redox molecules signal when something is going wrong or needs to be changed and then the body goes ahead and fixes the problem. As we age we loose the amount of redox molecules we have in our body. The good news is there is a way to take ASEA Redox signaling molecules as a supplement and replenish these cells.

Asea has been a very large part of my healing journey! I have been using ASEA since October 2021 after going to a dark field microscope specialist. The truth is the more I take it the better I feel. After extensively researching ASEA since first taking it I am pleased to find that some of the most respected naturopathic Dr’s such as Dr. Zach Bush and Dr Klinghardt have both been know to speak of the benefits of ASEA and recommended it.

ASEA comes in two forms, liquid and a gel.

The liquid I drink every day. The gel I use on my face as well as for cuts, bruises and even muscular aches.

ASEA supports the communication between your cells, and this in turn helps your body function more efficiently. It can take anywhere from a day to feel the benefits to a few months. It is different for everyone because we are all bio-individual. ASEA works on each of us where it is most needed and we all have different needs. While you may not feel an immediate difference you can be confident in knowing that it is doing incredible things for your body. If you are truly committed to improving your health long term, you have to try it for at least 90 days.

The three ways you can buy ASEA and what it costs:


Full retail price and no auto-ship required. This is a great option if you are interested in trying the renu 28 ($50 + shipping + tax)


This is an Auto-ship commitment which gives you wholesale pricing, and rewards towards free product.

This is the best option if you want to try the ASEA liquid, as it is recommender to take for at least 3 months. In this time frame there is enough cell turnover to see and feel positive results. You can purchase two bottles of Asea for $70 or 4 for $130 plus shipping and handling.


As an associate you pay a one time fee of $40 and then you have access to whole sale prices and get reward points towards free product when you set up your auto-ship.

This option is great for those of you who want to recommend it to others and reduce your own monthly cost. Even maybe grow your own business, the sky is not the limit. As an associate you would be joining my team and I am ecstatic to help anyone that is serious about building their own business.

I so look forward to hearing about your own success story with ASEA

In healing together,


P.S ASEA is available in 33 countries worldwide!