Let there be light

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We are very happy to promote a VISA campaign that we were recently a part of. The commercial was great in all aspects, yet we were both particulary delighted with the cooperation with WakaWakaLight.

For every credit card acquired there is a free WAKA WAKA Power bank included, but not only that. Another WAKA WAKA is gifted to someone in need of light. There mission statement “Share the Sun¨Solar paneled flashlight and powerbank gives up to 34 hours of light.



Living without electricity is a sad reality that affects millions of people around the world; Once the sun goes down, there are families who are forced to live, eat, study and work in darkness.

WakaWaka has provided sustainable energy solutions to over 1.2 million people living in off-grid areas worldwide up to date, and numbers keep growing.

When we shoot the commercial we had to laugh so hard, because we had just lived a parallel experience in Baja california. We were there during the petrol strikes and we actually had to buy petrol from a man with a bucket and a plastic tube to make it back to California.

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The commercial was shot in Almeria, Spain. We had a lot of fun shooting it, the girl that played our daughter, Ellie, was an absolute gem.

All in all it was a really fun experience partnered with an awesome social cause….. keep making a difference.

Let there be light!

We no longer need electricity to charge our phones 🙂


Conscious Traveler- Destination Tarifa


The greatest thing about Tarifa is its wilderness, it is surrounded by rolling hills and stretches of beaches beyond the eye can see. It is the idealic paradise for any wind related activity. Nature in raw form leaving you time and time again with your jaw slightly dropped as you stare out into the Mediterranean or Atlantic (depending what beach you’re r on).

As I have lived in LA for the last two decades (very spoiled) I seem to be on the constant search for organic and sustainable products while traveling. I believe it is absolutely imperative that we all stand together with where we spend our money.

In lieu of this I have found my favourite places to shop and be fashionable in the most amazing places in the world. This story starts in tarifa….

I came across a fabulous ultra chic and sexy sustainable line. I got to wear one of her fabulous outfits for the Cannes film festival this year. Maria Malo, her line is produced sustainably in Bali.

For a discount please enter code SANNYFRIENDS

She also has an organic bamboo yoga line that I absolutely love too.

Maria lives and breathes what she and her company stand for. On instagram @mariamaloline


Another brand that I had the pleasure of coming across is @emebeme

They produce everything in Portugal and are also organic and consciously aware of every step of their production process.

My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Marina, the founder and CEO of Emebeme.  Here are some of our favourites

…. you can also find us on Instagram @ecocouple

This is the store front…. I’m wearing the super cute t-shirt jumpsuit 🙂

If you drop into either of these stores while in Tarifa please say hello from me.

Happy sustainable shopping xoxo

TKKG- Das Drachenauge

TKKG- Das Drachenauge

This was the movie that started my acting career! TKKG – ¨Das Drachenauge¨ It was the reason I pursued my career as an actress. I got the role because they had already seen 5000 kids at the time and were not finding their lead. I had read in a magazine, Bravo that they were still searching and I was already attending acting school at the time. So I decided to give it a try. My grandmother took me to Munich and accompanied me to the casting process. We did screen tests over and over again with other children and to be honest I did not really think I got the job. I was back at boarding school in the UK when our hallway telephone rang, it was a complete accident that I walked past that phone at that moment. They asked for ¨Sanny van Heteren.¨ I was so confused. They told me I got the part! Honestly I thought it was my Dad pulling a joke on me. A few weeks later I was on my way to shoot my first movie. An experience that shaped the rest of my life and I am so grateful for it. I had so much fun on that set and am still friends with a lot of people I met then. It amazes me that until this day I am still receiving fan mail from people that loved me in that movie when they were kids. It is truly an honour to have been part of such an amazing project. They even sold it in the USA as ¨Four Junior Detectives¨