5 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family

These are some beautiful pieces I have picked out for you to enjoy and we do make a small commission on the sale at no extra cost to you

Some times the greatest gifts are those of time. The time we take to be with one another, sharing time when doing DIY projects are extra special as the world disappears for a moment and the arts or crafts you are focusing on becomes the only thing we are focused on. I would like to share a few fun ideas for the whole family to enjoy. One of my favorite stores to support for these types of gifts is Etsy supporting small businesses worldwide. Another fun list is “5 Handmade Gifts for under $25”

DIY Christmas Cards

To hand make Christmas Cards for the ones we love is extra special. It’s not only entertaining and fun to make but also someone will be very happy when they receive there very original personal xmas cards. Especially when the helpers are the little ones.

Wild Flower Toys

This is a an especially sweet store for the younger ones in the family. Making your own fairies, horses and wizards I find to be very magical during this time. You can even add on this beautiful doll house to go with it.

Space Lamp Kit

Who doesn’t want to own a beautiful colourful space night lamp that is hand made! I really like this gift. I think it emanates a lovely light in a room and again brings the giver and the gifted together to make in extra memorable.

Luminous Globe Wooden Puzzle

Ok I am not going to lie, this is my personal favorite. So if you were planning on getting me a gift. Don’t hesitate on this one. In all seriousness though, this is such an elegant piece. Useful, classy and I think it speaks for itself. It is obviously a little harder to build but all the more rewarding.

Paint By Numbers

I personally have always wanted to have the gift of painting. Unfortunately its never been a strong suit for me. However these beautiful paint by numbers kits are so stunning and give you the relaxation one so desires over the holidays. So for me this is absolutely another top choice over the holidays.

So enjoy some of these fun projects that bring families together and make valuable memories that money can’t buy. Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday!

Sustainably yours,

Eco Couple