Crowdfunding for Lomi Composter by Pela

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As you already know we are really enthusiastic about composting. When we came across this incredible crowdfunding project for the Lomi we were really inspired to share it with you. This is a complete breakthrough in composting technology and literally turns food waste into compost by a click of a button and in just a few hours. It can even handle compostable tableware, making composting an easy path of the future no matter how small your living quarters.

You can now purchase your Lomi home composter on Indiagogo before the product even launches at a discounted rate.

¨Lomi uses heat, abrasion, and oxygen to speed up the breakdown of organic waste into smaller fragments – similar to how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into soil, except Lomi does this without the smell and mess!¨ – Pela

We highly recommend supporting this campaign and joining the future of composting.

If you are interested in an other approach to composting, we are also fans of the Bokashi system. You can read more about it on our post ¨Sustainable Gardening Tips¨ Bokashi is already less complicated than the traditional composting methods we may be used to.

Picture compliments of Pela

PELA has been making innovative compostable products since 2013 and we support the mission they are on. For more info on Pela watch this.

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4 thoughts on “Crowdfunding for Lomi Composter by Pela

  1. Very interesting product. We are also big on composting and use the bokashi method. The first time we composted, it was so mindblowing how little waste we had and how useful the compost was. Definitely something that more people need to do.

    1. We too have been using the bokashi up until now and love it but the thought of having compost ready to go in just a few hours blows my mind 🙂 thanks for reading!

  2. I loved the idea of producing all natural fertilizer so when I came across this Lori Compose Bin thru facebook. It featured the official video of lomi by Pela so I ordered a unit (because it feature the official video of lomi and cheap). Today I received the item and its just a plain plastic trash bin. I am posting this to inform you and your followers they are so many embezzlers out there and that people are being deceived by the ads and video used by bogus people just to scam money. I hope Pela do something about this.

    1. That is terrible – did you contact Lomi about this? Are you able to return it? Our post was directly done with Lomi – I’m sos sorry to hear about your experience

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