Why I decided to blog…..

Over the course of my life I have often been asked to write a book- the thought of this was always so overwhelming that I would just nod and say “Yes, sure: one day” – then while cleaning out my house I collected all my journals- I have been keeping a journal for over twenty years- while reading through them- I realized- well there it is- MY LIFE all written down for no one to see- it’s time to share my views of the world- things I have learned along the way and fun stories that may interest others. So here I go…… from health wellness and sustainable living, to travel stories, tales of my career and random facts and thoughts- I hope you like it!

4 thoughts on “Why I decided to blog…..

  1. love it!!!! people have asked me the same thing too…to write about my life…so maybe a blog is a good start, you re an inspiration ! thanks for that and I hope we will connect anytime soon darling miss you xoxo

  2. So my new addiction is…. wow! Really, really amazing Sanny! Love every article. Truly inspirational!
    Cannot wait to follow you on your journey and see what wonderful things you have to share along the way.
    Peace, love and light to keep you safe on your travels ❤❤❤❤

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